Interactive Technical Manuals

The Faster, Easier Way to View Complex Technical Manuals

Go beyond the traditional formats of technical manuals, and reduce equipment downtime, by giving your technicians the ability to navigate to the exact information they need — faster.

Designed to meet the unique needs of the Canadian military, these Interactive Manuals give end users fully interactive diagrams, schematics, wire tracing, and simplified navigation throughout the manuals.

Interactive Manuals designed specifically for the Canadian military

Operating and maintaining military equipment, requires technicians to flip through page after page of technical manuals in order to find the information that they need. But flipping back and forth through cross-referenced materials and multi-page graphics is tedious and time consuming.

Our Interactive Manual (OpenIETM) lets technicians create their own work space in which they can quickly cross-reference procedures and diagrams to help complete their current task. The ability to fully interact with schematics, parts lists, and much more — lets technicians pull up only the information and graphics that they need, so that they can focus on their specific task.

The functionality of the OpenIETM is based on our 40+ years of experience providing support services to the Department of National Defence. It was specifically designed to address the challenges and technical publication requirements of the Canadian military. Furthermore, we have developed a proven process to convert existing DND technical publications into Interactive Manuals, so getting started with Interactive Manuals is easier than you think: click here.

How Can We Make Interactive Manuals Work for YOU?

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