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Information for Current and Ex-Forces Members

Promaxis has been providing technical and engineering support to the Department of National Defence for over 40 years. Because of our expertise with the Canadian military, a significant amount of ex-Forces members have decided to make a second career outside of the military by working with Promaxis.

In order to make the transition from a member of the Canadian Forces to a civilian employee or contractor at Promaxis as smooth as possible, it is important to make sure that, before your release/retirement, your security clearance is duplicated by Promaxis. This ensures that you’re ready to start working and that you avoid the extended period of time (up to 9 months or more) it can take to get a new clearance from scratch.

Due to the nature of your work as a member of the Canadian Forces, you may have been issued a Secret (Level II) clearance or Reliability Status by the Department of National Defence. However, in order to work as a civilian contractor at that level of clearance after you leave the Forces, your clearance must be maintained and held by Public Works (PWGSC) instead of DND. Unfortunately, Public Works will not recognize a clearance that is held by DND, so after you leave the Forces you will no longer have a valid clearance attached to your name unless it is duplicated before your last day of service.

How do I maintain my clearance after I leave the Canadian Forces?

In order to continue being cleared to work in positions that need a security clearance, it is suggested that you contact Promaxis 2-3 months prior to leaving the Forces so that we can start a duplication of your clearance. Promaxis will request a duplication of your current DND clearance via PWGSC. This is achieved by the security officer sending a request to Public Works asking them to copy your DND clearance for job opportunities at Promaxis.

After that duplication is received, you will then have your clearance sponsored by Promaxis and held by Public Works; allowing you to work as a civilian with the same clearance you had while in the Forces. It is important to keep in mind however, that it is your responsibility to make sure that your clearance is still valid by contacting your DND security officer before Promaxis requests a duplication of it.

Please contact Promaxis Systems at (613) 737-2112 today to begin the process of preparing your security paperwork and to discuss exciting future opportunities as a civilian.