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Promaxis has a wide range of expertise providing lifecycle support to the military, defence, and IT sectors. We have developed unique tools and processes that add significant value to the Canadian military, as well as have a wide range of applications internationally. We are always looking for partnerships where we can apply our proven processes to create innovative and competitive solutions.

With a proven track record of 40+ years, Promaxis consistently delivers on our long-standing contracts with commercial clients and various Government departments, including the Department of National Defence (DND). Some of our recent collaborations with large, international companies include:

  • Military Shelter Systems in support of the Canadian Headquarter Shelter Systems (HQSS). Click here.
  • Contract with Babcock Canada (Canadian Submarine Management Group) to provide drawing, publication and technical data support services.

Because of the Defense Procurement Strategy (DPS), it is beneficial for large international OEMs to look for Canadian partners in order to win contracts with the Canadian Government. The DPS means that all the major purchases made by the Canadian Government within the defence sector will be awarded to companies who can demonstrate how they will benefit the Canadian economy by growing Canadian-based companies, creating new jobs, creating research opportunities, and developing export products that are competitive on the international stage. Promaxis is in an excellent position to take advantage of this initiative. By partnering with us, you can leverage this too.

Our clients and partners enjoy the value that we add:

  • Proven, structured approach to streamlining complex processes
  • Tools and processes that add significant value to the Canadian military, and that are applicable to projects internationally
  • Structured approach to managing, controlling, and sharing technical data.
  • Excellent project management to keep projects on schedule and budget
  • Quality assurance is integrated into each step of our processes
  • We own a facility with a valid Top Secret Clearance issued by the Government of Canada
  • Fully Canadian owned and operated
  • Financially stable; you can rely on us for long-term projects because we are able to grow with your needs
  • We can accommodate temporary/growing teams with our large work spaces, additional offices, fully equipped training room and boardroom

Proudly committed to partnerships that help grow the Canadian economy

We are proud members of the Offset Market Exchange (OMX) — an organization that connects businesses in the international defence, aerospace and security industries to facilitate the fulfillment of defence offsets. Together, we can help grow the Canadian economy and create more jobs right here at home.

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