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Finding and retaining talented engineers to be part of your team or fulfill the needs of a specific project is challenging and time consuming.

That’s why we always keep up to date with the changing needs of our clients and the industry.

By keeping up to date with the changing needs of our clients and industry, we are able to maintain a large network of pre-qualified consultants so that we can quickly find just the right fit for your project.


The line between a quality product and a hunk of scrap

Five questions to ask before you commit to a metal fabrication partner



Getting new radiation detection products to market

Mechanical Designer Paul Adams with Bubble Technology Industries (BTI) knows first-hand how important it is to have access to a good metal shop when you have to outsource aspects of your prototyping and manufacturing.



Meeting the power needs of the high-tech community

A local high-tech company had contracted Kroon Electric to install large transformers as part of an expansion project. That left Kroon in need of large transformer stands that would meet specific performance requirements.


This matchmaker builds long-term relationships

Promaxis Professional Services IM/IT puts the right person in the right role. READ MORE



A personal obligation to act

Promaxis Systems, may have five distinct lines of business, but what they have in common is how, together, they can provide complex project support that is tailored to the unique requirements of the defence and high-tech sectors. READ MORE




The friendly faces of Promaxis Professional Services IM/IT

Manager Charlyne McGillivray and her team take pride in building personal, one-on-one relationships with jobseekers and employers. So, who else might you work with if you reach out to Promaxis? READ MORE


Promaxis – More than just professional services

Five lines of business, one common focus on putting the customer first. READ MORE

Building team spirit by helping a worthy cause

Chelsea Allen is part of Promaxis’s social committee. Last year, the committee set out to engage in a greater variety of activities and charitable pursuits to build greater camaraderie and morale among the team. READ MORE

Promaxis’s finance team drives customer service from the cloud

The Promaxis team, across all its lines of business, prides itself on delivering hands-on and collaborative service. READ MORE


Technical documentation simplified

Promaxis’ experts have done the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to. READ MORE

Never die attitude drives customer-first approach

Cyril Maillet, Manager of Promaxis’s Technical Publications Department, doesn’t like to lose. READ MORE

Putting critical data at the fingertips of submariners

One area of specialty for Promaxis’s Technical Publications Department is Inter-active Electronic Technical Manuals, or IETMs. READ MORE



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