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The friendly faces of Promaxis Professional Services IM/IT

Manager Charlyne McGillivray and her team take pride in building personal, one-on-one relationships with jobseekers and employers. So, who else might you work with if you reach out to Promaxis?

Jessica Crawford_GRM_10-23-19_Promaxis_002_web

Jessica Crawford, IM/IT Resourcing Specialist

Jessica is an energetic individual but only after her morning coffee! She is extremely active in sports and charity work, plays soccer all year round and participated in this year’s Ottawa 10K Marathon. 

Jessica joined Promaxis one year ago after having worked with some of its competitors.  She is well versed in the IM/IT world and continuously reaches out to client consultants to simply touch base or offer them an exciting opportunity.  You will often see her representing Promaxis at trade shows and events in the Ottawa area, constantly networking to source new and qualified clients.


Liane Dean_GRM_10-23-19_Promaxis_003_web

Liane Dean, IM/IT Proposal Writer 

Liane is the newest member of the team. She put her career as a proposal writer on hold for a while to be with her kids. When it came time to return to work, she chose Promaxis and has tackled her new role with enthusiasm. 

She is ambitious and can truly drill down on the important details.  Liane has also developed very solid relationships with client consultants while working to deliver polished and well-presented proposals that will deliver results. 


Nermina Hrnjez_GRM_10-23-19_Promaxis_001_web 

Nermina “Mina” Hrnjez,  IM/IT Office Administrator

Mina has been with Promaxis Systems for over eight years.  The IM/IT Department truly relies on her support to keep the details of its busy days organized.

Recently, Mina become the team’s alternate company security officer (ASCO). Often times, client consultants who hold federal government clearances are not informed as to when a clearance will expire, at which point it’s a lengthy process to request a re-activation. Consultants can trust that with Mina on the job, those clearances will get renewed before they expire!


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