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Promaxis Professional Services IM/IT puts the right person in the right role


Promaxis Professional Services IM/IT puts the right person in the right role

It takes much more than matching bullet points between a resume and a job description to place the right person in the right job.

Sure, optimized search terms and purpose-built algorithms can help to pre-filter candidates. But this kind of automation can’t capture the full story.

Whether you are a jobseeker in search of your next opportunity or an employer who wants  to minimize the risk of a hiring misfire, finding the right fit takes a personalized and relationship-based approach.

More people are switching jobs more often, as contract work becomes more common. This is particularly true in a government city like Ottawa, though the trend to part-time and temporary employment is by no means limited to the public sector. In such a fluid labour market, jobseekers and employers alike can benefit from professional help.

That’s where the Professional Services IM/IT team at Promaxis can help.

For Manager Charlyne McGillivray, finding the fit with a jobseeker’s personality and career and life goals, is just as important as matching their skills and experience with an employer’s needs. The reverse is also true, to help an employer find the right fit for the culture of their organization.

“We take the time to fully understand the best fit for either client by having in-person discussions and meeting with other staff members within the prospective employer’s organization,” McGillivray said.

The goal is to build long-term relationships, on both sides of the table.

“We want to continue to help that individual find their next job or their next contract, and the employer find the talent they need for their specific project,” she said.

‘Always been in my corner’

For Hamish McKillop, who works as an IT resource in the public sector, this kind of support from Promaxis has made him feel like “one of their own, rather than a resource passing through a revolving door to meet a client organization’s operational requirement.”

“Promaxis Systems and its outstanding staff has always been in my corner, through thick, thin, and all of the procurement considerations in between,” he added. “For years, I had wanted to work in IT but was never able to land a job in the field. That was until Promaxis picked up my résumé, gave a nod of approval, and took off running.”

Since assuming her current role a year ago, McGillivray has broadened her team’s focus beyond the public sector, and beyond IT/IM to other in-demand skill sets.

Cross-pollination with other Promaxis teams

“What’s interesting with private sector employers is that there is more of a focus on finding hires who are a good fit with the culture of the workplace than there is in the public sector,” she said. “It’s also a very competitive market for jobseekers to find the right opportunity.”

McGillivray is always looking beyond staffing to see what other needs employer clients may have that Promaxis can serve. This extends to Promaxis’s Software Training business, led by Senior Trainer Donna Lahey.

“When I meet new people and businesses within our community it is rewarding to be able to discuss and offer Promaxis’s various services,” McGillivray said. “We all think outside the box and have a lot of energy to make things happen!” 

How can Promaxis help you?

Whether you are a jobseeker eager to find that perfect job or the employer who has it, Promaxis’s Professional Services IM/IT team will help bring you both together.

If you are a jobseeker, check out current opportunities at Promaxis’s Job Posting page:

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