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A personal obligation to act

Promaxis Systems, may have five distinct lines of business, but what they have in common is how, together, they can provide complex project support that is tailored to the unique requirements of the defence and high-tech sectors.

Charlyne McGillivray, Manager of Promaxis’s Professional Services IM/IT team, always has this in mind when speaking to clients.

“Attending a trade show focusing on IM/IT Professionals will very often bring in consultants or clients looking to upgrade computer skills and join one of our Software Training sessions,” she said. “Under the same context, we may have a Professional Services client ordering our Precision Metal network racks or taking advantage of our Technical Documentation or Engineering Professional Services.”

McGillivray worked for five years with Promaxis’s Precision Metal Products & Custom Fabrication business before taking on her current role. This allowed her to build an extensive network of contacts in the Ottawa-area tech sector.

It’s this broad base of contacts that allowed her to recently jump in and help one of her Professional Services IM/IT clients on short notice.

“We had helped a senior consultant secure a contract position that required him to move from Montreal to Ottawa,” McGillivray said. “When the position ended sooner than expected, I felt a personal commitment to get him his next contract but had nothing in the immediate pipeline.”

Despite the fact that she was on vacation at the time, McGillivray drove to meet the consultant on his last day of work and hash out a plan. The following Monday, she reached out with a cold call to one of her tech company contacts – she wasn’t aware of any current job openings but knew that the consultant would be a perfect fit for a business analyst role with this company.

Sure enough, that call led to an interview and a job offer.

“I really felt this personal and urgent obligation to act because he had moved his family from Montreal for the other job,” McGillivray said. “And I’ve always been entrepreneurial and like to think outside the box.”



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