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Building team spirit by helping a worthy cause

Chelsea Allen is part of Promaxis’s social committee. Last year, the committee set out to engage in a greater variety of activities and charitable pursuits to build greater camaraderie and morale among the team.

In March, in honour of International Women’s Day (March 8), the committee decided to support Cornerstone Housing for Women. Chelsea led the effort.

“Cornerstone came right to mind due to its profile in the city and we really like what it does,” she said. “Considering Promaxis has five different lines of business, we don’t often get the chance for everyone to work towards a single goal. With this project, we finally got that chance and our success really shows how much people enjoyed that.”

Cornerstone operates five residences in the Ottawa area that provide emergency shelter and safe, affordable permanent housing for women. Sixty-five full and part-time staff and almost 300 extraordinary volunteers assist about 1,000 women every year who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.

Promaxis employees and management came together through a variety of activities to raise funds and purchase a new upright freezer for the kitchen of Cornerstone’s emergency shelter, which prepares meals for about 400 women a year.

“I’m really proud of the work that myself and the rest of the social committee put in, and the generosity and participation of all of my coworkers,” Chelsea said. “The team got excited about it, we did a good deed and we helped out an excellent organization that does a whole lot of good in our community.”


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