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Technical documentation simplified

Promaxis’ experts have done the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to

As a government contractor, it’s one thing to supply equipment and material to Canada’s Department of National Defence, but quite another to also deliver the required technical documentation.

Take S1000D

First developed by the European aerospace community for military aircraft procurement, this international specification for producing technical publications is increasingly being modified for use elsewhere, including across the Canadian Forces.
Saying that S1000D “is an XML specification for preparing, managing, and using equipment maintenance and operations information” hardly does it justice. At its core is a 2,800-page manual for breaking a document into data modules that can be marked with individual XML labels and metadata, to become part of a hierarchical XML structure.
It’s a substantial learning curve and investment to master S1000D, and then use it to create documentation that makes the grade.


Another specialized documentation area related to Canadian military procurement is Inter-active Electronic Technical Manuals, or IETMs.
These compress volumes of text, and may include audio and video, in a digital format that can easily be accessed with a handheld device, so users can locate needed information far more quickly than they can with a paper manual.
IETMs are becoming increasingly popular with Canada’s military, to replace traditional manuals. Having the resources to create them as part of an RFP with DND, however, can easily command an initial investment of $500,000+ in software and staff training.
For many DND prime contractors and their partners, creating the internal capacity to meet the technical documentation requirements of a modern military can be a real drain on the bottom line.
Check out Promaxis’s IETM demo at http://www2.promaxis.com/interactive

Leave it to the experts

So why not partner with experts who have more than a decade of experience, working hand in hand with DND on the frontline of this digital transformation?
That’s the role of Promaxis’s Technical Publications Department, under Manager Cyril Maillet.
Promaxis equips clients with powerful tools to digitally transform their documentation, streamline management processes and cut related costs. It has built its own agnostic, open-source XML platform that can quickly and cost-effectively create Interactive Technical Documentation to the S1000D specification. Maillet’s team, which has extensive first-hand knowledge of DND’s requirements, also specialize in creating IETMs.
“We work with DND prime contractors and sub-contractors to free them from the time and expense of having to learn these specifications or invest in the necessary training and software,” said Maillet. “They can also rely on us to review and refine documentation they have produced to ensure it meets spec.”
Considering that only the largest multinational defence and aerospace contractors typically have this kind of internal capability, that makes Promaxis unique.
“Our customers benefit from our expertise and the advantage of working with a small company that is more nimble and responsive than a larger one,” said President Andy Knight.
How can Promaxis help you?
Promaxis’s Technical Publications Department also provides technical writing, technical illustration and desktop services.
Learn more at www.promaxis.com


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