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Putting critical data at the fingertips of submariners

One area of specialty for Promaxis’s Technical Publications Department is Inter-active Electronic Technical Manuals, or IETMs.

Operating and maintaining military equipment requires technicians to flip through page after page of technical manuals in order to find the information they need. But flipping back and forth through cross-referenced materials and multi-page graphics is tedious and time consuming.

Enter the IETM.

“Consider it a PDF on steroids,” said Cyril Maillet, Manager of the Technical Publications team.

IETMs compress volumes of text, and may include audio and video, in a digital format that can easily be accessed with a handheld device, such a ruggedized tablet.

That includes on a submarine. Promaxis has held a prime documentation contract from Babcock Canada for the Royal Canadian Navy’s submariners for over a decade. The latest need is to develop IETMs for damage control and training.

Not only is Promaxis ensuring  critical information is accessible on demand to a crew, it is also freeing storage space.

“In a submarine, every inch of space we can free up on a shelf by turning a manual digital is valuable,” Maillet said.

DND also trusts Promaxis to secure and store all the original physical versions of the documentation on its own premises.


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