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Five lines of business, one common focus on putting the customer first

Since its founding in the early 1970s, Ottawa’s Promaxis has diversified its business to deliver complex project support that is tailored to the unique requirements of the defence and high-tech sectors.

How does a small-to-mid-sized service provider thrive in market verticals that routinely have it going toe-to-toe with larger national and multinational rivals?

Easy. By delivering a level of personalized and customized service that competitors, of any size, can rarely match. In fact, the Promaxis team shares an obvious pride in maintaining the agility and flexibility that is only possible by not getting too big.

The niche expertise of Promaxis’s people, their commitment to service excellence and their collaborative approach has built a strong roster of repeat customers and a stellar reputation in the Ottawa market. 



Engineering Professional Services 

DND and other government departments call upon Promaxis’s technical experts to extend the service life of legacy systems and equipment and deploy and support the most advanced technologies in the field.

Promaxis specializes in complete project management, integrated logistics support, lifecycle management, procurement and development, maintenance and repair, and eventual disposal.

 “I talk with many public sector managers who struggle with the current Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) framework,” said Manager Pirouz Agharokh. “It’s a big relief when I tell them about Promaxis’s federal standing offers and the deep pool of qualified talent we have on call to quickly and reliably fulfill their needs.”


Professional Services IM/IT

Promaxis’s recruiters and business development specialists identify, evaluate and retain the strongest candidates for public and private sector organizations.

This goes far beyond just matching technical qualifications. Promaxis’s proven methods ensure there is a strong match between the job and an individual’s personality and temperament. 

“I really need to understand what an employer’s needs are to find that perfect fit for their team,” said Manager Charlyne McGillivray. “And I sit down to have similar conversations with jobseekers to find the ideal placement for them.” 


Software Training

Promaxis provides one-on-one and group training in a variety of enterprise software suites, including all Microsoft products. 

Training courses are custom-designed in collaboration with clients and available in both French and English. Promaxis can deliver either online, on-site or through its own recently renovated and expanded classrooms. 

“We have to adapt, or else we will fail,” said trainer Donna Lahey. “With conventional training methods, students don’t retain most of what they learn. We tailor what we do to ensure each student walks away with practical skills they can apply right away to their daily work.”



Technical Documentation

Promaxis equips clients with powerful tools to digitally transform their documentation, streamline management processes and cut related costs. It has built an agnostic, open-source XML platform for Interactive Technical Documentation to the international S1000D specification. 

The Technical Publications Department also provides technical writing, technical illustration and desktop services. 

“Our customers find us a reliable and nimble partner to work with,” said Manager Cyril Maillet. “We regularly fulfill unique client requests that would get bogged down by the cumbersome processes of our larger competitors.”



Precision Metal Products & Custom Fabrication

From DND to Ross Video and Nokia, Promaxis provides a unique and comprehensive service package that includes its own Custom Metal Fabrication facility and Precision Metal product line.

Its facility specializes in custom fabrication for low, mid and high-volume production runs in the networking/communications, industrial, security, transportation, aerospace and defence industries.

“We combine old-school craftsmanship with the latest digital design tools and processes,” said Manager David Richard. “Customers see us as a trusted advisor to help them with supplier issues, quick prototyping and to scale up for mass production.”


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