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Are you trusting your software training needs to the right partner?

5 pointers from Promaxis Senior Trainer Donna Lahey

New enterprise applications, new cloud-based services, fresh updates to legacy systems – the latest and greatest “solution” does your organization or department little good if your people don’t know how to use it.
Training them on a new system or application is only an online course away – but are self-directed or cookie-cutter training modules truly effective? At the end of the day, you want your people to do much more than just check off the “completed” box and submit a participant satisfaction survey.
If your people haven’t retained what they have learned, if they can’t effectively apply it today on the job, it’s been time and money wasted – their time, your money. This deficit continues to widen with each day that your people continue to work without having the skills and knowhow to take full advantage of the digital tools in which you have invested.
That’s why Promaxis puts the emphasis on retention and application, to ensure participants do retain and can apply what they have learned.
Before committing to any program with any training firm, here is a checklist of questions to ask from Promaxis Senior Trainer Donna Lahey to determine whether you will receive true value for the money:

1.Does the training firm, and to what degree, adapt and customize course material to the specific and individual needs of your team?
Everyone has their own unique learning needs. One person may have more advanced skills with a given software suite than another. Perhaps there is an accessibility requirement to accommodate, or one person is more of a visual learner while another is better at retaining what they hear.
To identify and adapt to these differences, the training team should sit down to discuss your needs, and the needs of each individual on your team who will participate in the training.
In addition, true customization means you should also be able to provide for the trainer’s use your own data and KPQs (key performance questions). This ensures the training is as relevant as possible to what your people deal with every day on the job.

2. Is the individual trainer at the top of their game?
Don’t hesitate to ask about the certifications/qualifications of the trainer and how current and extensive their expertise. In addition, how up to date is the course material itself? For productivity applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe products, updates that can impact course material are released monthly.

3. Is the option for bilingual instruction within the same course available?
In a government hub like Ottawa-Gatineau, this should be table stakes.

4. Does the training firm have its own classrooms?
Sure, it can be highly convenient if trainers can come to your location, but what if your premises doesn’t have a distraction-free space of a sufficient size to serve as a suitable classroom environment?
Ideally, a training firm should offer the best of all worlds – it can come to you, deliver a course online, and have a modern and fully equipped learning environment on its own premises that’s ideal for practical, interactive learning.

5. And does the individual trainer have stage presence?
Like any master stage performer, a great trainer is a great facilitator, able to keep their audience engaged and on the ball.
We’ve all been there – in some session where the facilitator seems bored, droning on as they mechanically click through some pre-canned slide deck. This is not the recipe for successful training.

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