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Getting new radiation detection products to market

Mechanical Designer Paul Adams with Bubble Technology Industries (BTI) knows first-hand how important it is to have access to a good metal shop when you have to outsource aspects of your prototyping and manufacturing.

In addition to research and analytical services for its clients, BTI develops and manufactures a wide range of commercial and custom radiation detection products. Some of these play vital roles in defence and homeland security.

For one product, Paul supplied Dave Richard at Promaxis Precision Metal with concept drawings and after intense discussion, arrived at an economical solution for his design.

The project was then put in the hands of BTI Purchasing and Materials Coordinator Adam Lesco for tender. Given its prior knowledge of the product, price competitiveness and performance track record, Promaxis was awarded the tender.

During the prototype run, Dave recognized from the design stage that one of the items should have been ordered in pairs and had to be anodized. Instead of letting this hold up production and delay the project timeline, Dave’s team worked around it and remained in close contact with BTI to keep everything on track.

BTI identified parts that were needed to help get the prototype assembled quicker in its own shop in Renfrew County. Promaxis concentrated on these parts and made a special delivery in time for a scheduled weekend production build. Conversations with BTI’s engineer during production also helped clarify details in the design drawings that could have affected quality.

“It’s this two-way communication with the customer that builds a strong working relationship to minimize rejects and delays,” Dave said.


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