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Why federal department managers should work with Promaxis

In recent years, the federal public sector has faced significant recruitment challenges due to demographic changes in the Canadian population. We know that an aging workforce will increasingly necessitate reaching out to reputable suppliers that have the time and resources to identify professional candidates with the right skillsets and who can be relied upon to develop the institutional knowledge required for career advancement in the federal government.

When staffing needs arise, the internal public service hiring process is often arduous and extremely time-consuming. Rather than face the project delays and deferred workloads that are likely to result from internal staffing, contracting with Promaxis for professional services through competitive tendering or sole-source procurement means establishing a business relationship with a company that cultivates an innovative and enterprising staffing culture – a culture that focuses on identifying the long-term needs of clients and recruiting the auspicious talent from wherever it may be found. 

At Promaxis, our services are more than stopgap solutions to address fluctuating departmental workloads. The consistently stellar work ethic of our resources has resulted in over 20 of our contracted personnel receiving full-time positions in the federal public service since 2018.

We also possess a long list of employees who have been providing senior-level engineering, project administration, and project leadership services to the same clients for decades. Through longstanding engagements with government clients, we have established a wide-ranging network of contracted personnel who have progressed in their careers from entry-level contract positions to advanced senior-level roles where they provide assistance with policy development as well as guidance and coordination of Major Capital Projects.

We ensure that our contractors have the industry knowledge and zeal for learning that will guarantee the best value for money in any government department.


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