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Why national and multinational government contractors should work with Promaxis

In the private sector or at any level of government, the unforeseen development of unusual or compelling urgencies in staffing will quite reasonably encourage department managers to consider the prodigious benefits of sole-source contracting.

A shortened acquisition cycle in this context is likely to result in the improved delivery of services, with the laborious procurement process reduced to a minimum. Your unique and highly sensitive needs may require specialized services that only one dependable source can provide. 

Promaxis Systems Inc. is the leading supplier of textile services in the National Capital Region, providing end-to-end life cycle material acquisition and subject matter expertise to sustain new and existing capabilities. Numerous clients such as the RCMP and the DND consistently rely on us as the most experienced and efficient provider of these services.

We have also developed enduring sole-source business partnerships with shipbuilding companies and with advanced soldier systems research firms. With these clients, we continue to bolster our credentials as an industry leader, and we remain receptive and eager to offer our diverse capabilities at either pre-arranged prices through standing offer agreements or at mutually favorable, negotiable market rates.

Our team understands that it requires an often-unnecessary amount of time and money for organizations to contact a multitude of vendors through the competitive solicitation process. With Promaxis’s multifaceted capabilities and expertise, you are sure to spend less time stressing over price uncertainties or delivery schedules.

Our steadfast commitment to service excellence provides a guarantee that your urgent staffing needs will be satisfied in accordance with any rigorous performance indicators that you deem necessary.


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