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DND Technical Authorities & Senior Managers: Read this before you award your next TSPS contract

Under the Government of Canada’s current Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) framework, it’s your responsibility to procure the resources you need from qualified government suppliers. But how can you be confident that the supplier in question will deliver as advertised and not leave you holding the bag?

It takes a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and impediments of Canada’s military procurement system, and how they frequently pose significant challenges to the safeguarding and maintenance of departmental priorities, for a supplier to be truly qualified.

Let’s be frank – some suppliers that are awarded TSPS contracts do not prioritize client satisfaction. They bid below market value simply to win a contract and then fail to produce their resources in a timely manner. 

Access to the right talent

Performing contract work at DND to the highest professional standard very often requires particular skill sets and training that are not typically found in other federal government departments or the private sector. The right supplier understands this and is constantly  developing and maintaining professional relationships with Technical Authorities.

Anyone who has been in this business for any length of time is keenly aware of the fact that an individual who may appear on paper to be the most appropriate candidate for a position may not harmonize with the unique needs of a specific department. To keep clients happy, the emphasis must always be on providing resources with the highest level of training, proficiency and expertise.

For DND, these ideal resources are most often found among retired Canadian Armed Forces personnel. A supplier, therefore, should be constantly networking and collaborating with this crowd, to ensure it can constantly deliver high-quality contractors to DND.

A proven track record

Consider the supplier’s reputation as a steadfastly reliable defence supplier.

At Promaxis, we have held numerous multi-million-dollar Tier 2 TSPS contracts for technical support services of soldier equipment systems, including Life Cycle Management and Textile support, with the Directorate of Soldier Systems Program Management (DSSPM).  We are also a major supplier of land equipment projects for the Directorate General of Land Equipment Program Management (DGLEPM) through the Master Services Contract.

Working with a supplier in this position avoids the need for a protracted solicitation process and allows you to approach us directly with your needs over the long-term.

And responsive support

A supplier should be reliable and responsive, consistently ready and willing to address your staffing needs as they evolve. This can only be accomplished by having a full-time team that is dedicated to responding to questions by telephone or e-mail, and to meeting in person. 

By extension, the supplier should be proactive, monitoring the individuals it has placed with you on the actual job site and staying in touch with Technical Authorities and on-site supervisory staff. This ensures satisfaction on both sides of the table and quick action and resolution if a problem arises.

It’s on you

As a Technical Authority or Senior Manager, you are ultimately responsible for the performance of the supplier you select. It’s in your best interests to ask the right questions and the tough ones to ensure a prudent choice.



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