The Promaxis Advantage

A proven system to streamline existing processes within the Department of National Defence

The requirements of the Department of National Defence (DND) are unique — and Promaxis understands that. We have provided DND with technical and engineering support for over 40 years, across all three of its branches and supporting organizations. Our familiarity with DND’s processes has led us to create a solution that is tailored specifically to the business requirements of DND:

  • Built to Fit DND’s Existing Processes

     Our process takes into consideration controlled goods, compliance with specifications for technical documentation, bilingualism requirements, distribution restrictions, and DND network restrictions. We even make it possible for your data to feed other applications such as digital logistics or parts catalogs. This results in information and data that is easier to find, manage, validate, track, and reuse across all common publications.

  • Proven Process for Implementation

     This results in a streamlined documentation process that meets your specific needs. We have a proven process for converting, creating, maintaining, and publishing a large number of technical documents quickly — while maintaining the integrity of your technical data.

  • Proven System for Faster Knowledge Transfer

    Our approach is designed to get new authors up to speed quickly. Training that used to take months, now takes week with Promaxis’ simplified system. Authors no longer need to memorize a significant amount of standards and specifications, because the software will flag and resolve any problems. By learning just a handful of “tags”, the author can now focus on the written content, and not the formatting. 

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