Technical Translation

Accurate Translations of Technical and Engineering Documents

When translating technical and engineering documents such as training manuals, operational procedures, maintenance manuals, and parts list for clients like the military — it is critical to preserve the exact meaning of technical information so that technicians can perform their tasks without any errors.

Terminology can have different meanings from industry to industry, and especially within different disciplines of technology and engineering. Technical translation is a highly specialized area that requires knowledgeable experts. That’s why our team is trusted by our private sector clients and the Department of National Defence for technical translations and documentation services throughout their product lifecycles. We provide in-service support for the Canadian military to help maintain and operate mission-critical gear, equipment, and systems.

Processes Ensure Consistent Translation

Our team understands that inaccurate translation can change the intended meaning, render the translated information useless, or worse, present serious liabilities and repercussions while using equipment. That’s why we have a number of tools, systems, and processes in place to ensure that the integrity of your information is not compromised throughout any step of the process.

Our extensive experience is what helps us deliver consistent, accurate French-English translations that meet Canadian Federal Government bilingualism requirements. We are experts at ensuring that critical information is not “lost in translation”, and that tasks can be performed in both official languages, without error.

We regularly translate technical, policy and non-technical publications from English to French and French to English. This includes procedure manuals, software user guides, composite material repair and maintenance manuals, and much more.

We use a number of glossaries, lexicons and other sources of terminology to ensure accurate translation of technical terms. If the terms are not provided in the client’s glossaries or lexicons, our team will use “TERMIUM” (The Government of Canada Linguistic Data Bank) as the primary reference, and then use “Ernst Comprehensive Dictionary of Engineering and Technology” as the secondary reference. We also develop and maintain a lexicon of approved DND Technical terminology for our client, which we supply to our client.

Technical Accuracy Check (TAC) Certification

Promaxis adheres to the Canadian Federal Government bilingualism requirements for technical documentation, and has in-house staff that are authorized to certify the accuracy of the translated text using the Translation Accuracy Check (TAC) form. The dedicated translator provides the Technical Accuracy Check (TAC) throughout your project to ensure an accurate and reliable translation of your documents, with terminology that is consistent with and equivalent to the source text.

Need an Accurate Technical Translation?

When it comes to translating technical and engineering documents, our team understands that consistency and accuracy is crucial to your business.

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